Data Collection Solution

Xpectrum 5 also provides web and mobile based data (biometric / biographic) collection solutions that enable enterprises to collect, manage and leverage data flows within their organizations, customers and suppliers.

Out Data Collection Solutions are delivered through three delivery models, On-Demand (Software-as-a-Service), On-Premise (Self-Hosted) and Separate System SaaS.

Our products share the common objective of helping companies, organizations / institutions improve existing processes and functionalities - through a dramatic productivity enhancement. Our aims to enable our client to capture, analyze, and disseminate response data across their organization, irrespective of the platform, database, or application used in the collection of that data. Xpectrum 5 Data Collection solutions give companies the tools to better gather, integrate, and understand their customers, markets and employees.

We customize our solutions by creating a gateway where users can log-in under a variety of access levels and view only the information that you deem appropriate for that user. Our secure platform lets you create, route, store and save customized surveys, collect and assess demographic data, and automatically track response and feedback data.

Our data collection technology goes beyond a simple survey solution. We also design and develop knowledge transfer software that leverages data transfer and enhances decision-making. These solutions include software and information management applications for customer-facing functions that allow clients to study customer opinions, track product development, analyze large data sets, and run simulations of complex systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Interface and back-end software design
  • Web-based solutions using Java, ASP, .NET, and Web Services
  • Database design and analysis
  • Stand-alone software developed in Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, .NET, Fortran, and others
  • Microsoft Office, TransCad, ESRI, SPSS customization
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