MobiCop SP™ - Biometric Data Capture & Enrollment

A simplified integrated user friendly electronic suspect booking management, biometric / demographic data capture, enrollment and database system developed to run on a PCs, portable handheld devices or commercial smartphones. It employs a unique web-based approach for the collection and management of apprehended suspects biometric and demographic data , enrollment, secure connection to the AFIS and criminal database

It"s uniquely customized to address the critical concerns for law enforcement agencies especially in regions with epileptic power supply , no computer equipments, no secured trusted electronic and comprehensive criminal database such as in police stations and outposts , national borders etc as it relates to electronic booking of arrested suspects,biometric / demographic data capture and enrollment,instant identification and background check amongst others..

The MobiCop SP ™ system`s architecture leverages a secure, central server that interfaces with workstations, thin client terminals, or enabled network devices at remote enrollment sites. This unique approach simplifies installation, streamlines implementation thereby making it possible for law enforcement to book arrested criminal suspect ,capture their biometric / demographic data and enroll into a central criminal database from any location . It also provides a single touch-point for application administration, maintenance, and updates − ultimately, saving time, improving productivity and reducing cost.

MobiCop SP ™ systems are designed also for fast, easy, reliable collection of biometric and demographic information for a wide range of applications, including civilian background checks, voters registration,census etc. This system range from small, portable, standalone workstations to end-to-end solutions to large-scale, fully integrated solutions for deployment within law enforcement agencies as well as to other large public and private enterprises.

It also delivers a cost-effective, secure method for biometric and demographic data capture, management and enrollment. Its technology provides a strong combination to tap into the full potential of cloud-based applications, while delivering state-of-the-art technology with enhanced security and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • It`s design benefits from state-of-the-art technology and a ‘look and feel’ that maximizes user acceptance.
  • It offers an intuitive user interface that makes its operation easy even for a novice
  • Less dependent on power
  • No captured data stored locally in device thus improves privacy and security
  • No local implementation reduces deployment costs
  • Centralized administration, maintenance, and updates increase efficiency
  • Configurable platform supports various agency formats
  • Online help with video support
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